The journey of life is sweeter when travelled with a dog

My name is Esme Rennie and I specialize in commercial and private dog photography. Although I'm currently based out of Kolding, Denmark I'm actually from Scotland and have traveled around A LOT, which will continue (keep your eye out on the announcement bar at the top of the page!) When I'm not photographing puppies I'm out with my whippet, Atlas hiking, sunset seeking and exploring the world! I'm a huge tea drinker (green tea - omg), music enthusiast and I like dogs (understatement much?!) from the pointy noses, curly tailed, to the floppy ears, squishy faces,  ALL. OF. THEM. 

I started photography with my inspiration Roo. She was terminally ill and I wanted to find a way to make as many memories with her as possible and record them, so I bought my first DSLR. I'm so, so glad as now I look back and see her just how I remember and not through some underexposed, blurry iPhone pic but as the beautifully, stunning, adventurous girl she was.

I always aim to tell a story and capture unique personalities with my work, for when those days arrive when you're adventuring without your best friend by your side. 

When you book with Esme Rose Photography you're hiring an artist who will create stunning, colourful and memorable images whilst having the most incredible fun! What's better than dogs just being being dogs?